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I, Dr. Dev Mohanty,take the opportunity to announce the launching of an English Medium School in Khandasahi, Nischintakoili in the name and style of Dr Dev Mohanty Public School to cater the rising demand of the inhabitants of this vicinity for school education particularly in CBSE pattern. A school is an amalgamation of teachers and students each performing distinct functions with a positive attitude for the all-round development of the educational institution. Education is like a source of light which shows us path in darkness. And qualitative education is a must for every child.To avail proper and high quality education in rural and interior part of India ,the establishment of the school in Nischintakoili is an incentive for such type of movement. Apart from providing high quality education, the school aims at the development of students holistically.

As we know, a bird is good in flying, a fish is good in swimming , a monkey is good in climbing trees without any schooling at all but what differentiate a human being from these animals is that, a person can climb like a monkey, swim like a fish and fly like a bird provided he/she is trained in all these skills. In Dr. Dev Mohanty Public School,we are going to do just that to get a complete human being. That is the aim of our school to provide quality education, with a special focus on English language, for all-round development of the students.We believe our students will leave the school with an enthusiasm for learning which will last for a life time and prepare them to meet the global challenges.

The co-operation of the inhabitants of the locality can’t be ignored while analysing the contributing factors. As it is an admitted fact that school education has a lasting impact over a person’s life ,I believe sincerely that our school will leave no stone unturned in the process of grooming the students right from the entry point.

The school is adding to its infrastructure facilities like smart class-rooms from pre-primary to all other classes, up-grading the Library, facilitating with internet facility, providing Reading room– cum- conference Hall , sports ground & sports facilities, etc.